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Travelling is probably the one thing that almost everybody likes. “Holidaying”, as it is called now, is the new cool. Going to far off places, booking tickets, finding dots on the map that need to be explored. How cool is that? But what if we tell you that we can make this easier for you? Well, we let you book a cab from Hyderabad to Kurnool in advance so that you can skip the hustle and get to places without a single sorry!

Kurnool is that far off place that you looking for. Away from the busy streets of Hyderabad and the infamous traffic of Hyderabad, this place is definitely where you should be heading for your next vacation. And then, we let you choose from the best All-Inclusive and Per-Kilometre Kurnool Cab Packages, with awesome prices.

We prioritize your comfort over anything else. Our motto- Travel luxuriously in style and skip the hassle for good. Trust us when we say that we are the one-stop solution for all your travel worries. All that you got to do- sit back and enjoy the smooth ride.

Snapshot for your Hyderabad to Kurnool Trip

Hyderabad and Kurnool once belonged to the same State. But now the former is in Telangana and the latter is in Andhra Pradesh. It is a 219 km long journey, which takes about 3-4 hours by road. Kurnool has its own Railway Station- Kurnool City Railway Station (KRNT). It does not have an Airport of its own. The nearest Airport to Kurnool is Rajiv Gandhi International Airport (HYD), which itself is in Hyderabad.

Now that both rail and Bus Journeys are not that easily available, ‘cause let’s be honest- who likes the hassle of travelling in Bus!? This is why we say that it is best to opt for a cab from Hyderabad to Kurnool rather than anything.

There is absolute convenience, and multiple stops can be made according to your needs, which is amazing! Luxury and cleanliness, along with beautiful landmarks on the way. How cool is that? The cabs that we offer, such as- Hatchbacks, Sedans and SUVs to Kurnool are awesomely comfortable and luxurious.

Looking for a smooth and hassle-free ride to Kurnool? Want to just sit back, listen to the music and look out of the windows to the beautiful surroundings? Then, All-Inclusive Kurnool Car Rental package from Hyderabad is the one for you!

Chill out, relax and do anything but worry about any charges whatsoever. Forget about Toll Tickets, Parking Charges, Driver Batta, and State Permit, because they are all included in the package. An All-Inclusive Package has a number of kilometres included, so you get to pay only when your travel exceeds that number of kilometres.

So many reasons to go for this pack as it consists of absolutely no hidden charges! It is the most comfortable way of travelling by road, unlike via trains and buses. There is better than not worrying about anything and just concentrating on having the best time of your lives, we assure you.

However, if you want to bear and keep check of all the charges and payments by yourself, you should opt for the Kurnool Per-Kilometre Cab Package. It will not include any of the mentioned services, but it will be still as comfortable as it can get. It is a promise! The guests will have to bear all the charges like Toll Tickets, Parking Charges, Driver Batta, and State Permits enroute Kurnool.

  • 218 Kms – Distance from Hyderabad to Kurnool
  • 3Hrs 45Min – Approx journey time
  • Airport (IATA: TIR, ICAO: VOTP) – Nearest Airport
  • Kurnool Railway Station (Station Code:KRNT) – Nearest Railway Station

How to book? – Hyderabad to Kurnool Outstation Cab

Hyderabad to Kurnool All Inclusive Outstation Cab Packages

What is Included?

What is Excluded?

Cab Packages for Hyderabad to Kurnool

Vehicle TypePackage DurationKm IncludedPrice / Extra KmDriver Charges / DayState Entry Tax

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Hyderabad to Kurnool Car Rental on Per Km basis

Vehicle TypePrice / KmDriver ChargesMin Kms / DayState Entry Tax
Tata Indica Ac (4 Seater)
Tata Indigo Ac (4 Seater)
Swift Dzire Indigo Ac (4 Seater)
Toyota Innova Ac (6 Seater)
Mahinda Xylo Ac (6 Seater)
Tempo Traveller Ac (12 Seater)
Charges on Deviations, if any!

Glimpse of Hyderabad to Kurnool Car Rental

Did you know, Kurnool used to be the capital of the Andhra State for a little span of 3 years? In fact, the way from Hyderabad to Kurnool is no less of a wonder in itself.

Doesn’t it make the place even more interesting? It is quite a populous city and had an Airport under construction to make the communication easier. This place has a treasure of places to be visited. Kurnool is the destination that you should visit next. It is every bit as amazing as it sounds to be. Who wants to make their Instagram cooler? You? Then head to Kurnool right-away!

Quick Facts about Kurnool

  • State: Andhra Pradesh
  • District: Kurnool
  • Pincode: 530 0XX, 531 1XX
  • STD Code: +91-891
  • Language: Telugu
  • Weather: 24.7–30.6 °C (76–87 °F)
  • Altitude: 4 m (11 ft) above sea level

Places to visit in Kurnool

A bit away from Kurnool are the Belum Caves which are the longest caves in India. How can anybody possibly miss this? Not only this, this place has a lot more to offer. The Oravakallu Rock Garden, which has exquisite igneous rock formations, is a treasure of beauty.

Other places like the Tomb of Abdul Wahab and Rollapadu Wildlife Sanctuary are also good places that should not be missed. The Yaganti- Shiva Temple and Sai Baba Temple are also very famous. The Kondareddy Burz, Buddha Statue, Venugopala Swamy Temple, Mantralayam, and Nageraswaraswami are among the other interesting places that must be visited.

Local Food and Cuisine of Kurnool

Local cuisine with sumptuous taste and varieties of sweet dishes with traditional South-Indian flavours are a must try here. When in Kurnool, you should try out the local dishes like Laskora Undalu or Raskora Undalu (coconut Laddu), Sunnundalu – Laddu made from with roasted Urad Dal (Minapappu) and Jaggery (Bellam), Nellore Chicken Biryani, Pachadi – typically made of vegetables, greens and roasted green or red chilies.

Pappu Koora (Lentil based dish) boiled vegetables stir-fried with a small amount of half-cooked lentils (dal), Vepudu (Fry) crispy fried vegetables, typically including Okra (bendakaya), Ivy Gourd (Dondakaya), potato (Bangaladumpa), Colocasia and several regional vegetables but prepared separately for different days. Garelu (A type of Vada), Dosa, and Sambhar are of course the must-try here.

Hyderabad to Kurnool Distance & Time

The distance from Hyderabad to Kurnool is about 219 km via the NH44. The journey takes about 3-4 hours via car. All that you will have to do is sit and relax, for we are here to take care of the rest We make the journey into a beautiful experience in itself. This is better than trains and planes! Long rides make the spirit of travelling.

Hyderabad to Kurnool route & road conditions

With 3 Toll Gates on the way, it is mostly a smooth ride. The journey is not monotonous as the way is pretty and the ride is smooth and unhampered.

Toll Gates between Hyderabad to Kurnool

S. NoToll Gate NameToll Fare
  • Total Toll Gates: 3
  • Total Distance: 219 km
  • Total Time: 3 hours 51 minutes
  • Total Toll Cost: 240

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